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Cummins X15 Injector Aftermarket


 Cummins X15 Injector

aftermarket Cummins X15 injector 2897320

$ 750

A Cummins X15 Fuel injector acts as a nozzle, which distributes the stream of fuel into a spray. A Cummins X15 Fuel injector afermatket has nothing to do with the flow or the quantity of fuel that is being sprayed. That  mechanism is controlled by electronic or mechanical units

Faulty Fuel Injector Symptoms

Here are a few signs there might be something wrong with your Cummins X15 Fuel Injector.

The Engine Misfires

A malfunctioning Cummins X15 Fuel injector causes the vehicle engine to misfire. It sends vibrations through the car and makes a shaking effect on the motor. It happens when the fuel and air ratio in the engine is distorted.

Idling Gets Rough

Our RPMs become erratic and the needle keeps on moving even after you take the foot off the pedal

Your Gas Mileage Tanks

In case, your Cummins X15 Fuel injector aftermarket is performing at the optimum level, then you would be getting the desired result. However, malfunctioning  Cummins X15 Fuel injector could mean incase in the oil consumption

Your Car Won’t Start

Cummins X15 Fuel injector aftermarket delivers gas to the appropriate cylinders. That’s Job #1. And when Job #1 isn’t getting done, your engine won’t receive its crucial combination of air and fuel. When the ratio of air and fuel in your engine is off, your motor may not generate the combustion it needs to operate.

The primary job of the aftermarket Cummins X15 Fuel injector is to deliver gas to the right cylinder. However, when the Cummins X15 Fuel injector stops functioning would hinder its ability to deliver the crucial combination of oil and fuel and, the motor will not generate the combustion it needs to operate.

Part # 2897320

Dimensions  10 × 4 × 4 in

Weight  3 lbs