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Cummins ISX Cylinder heads

Cummins ISX Cylinder Head Quality

Quality Assurance is a process that you will find in most operations nowadays and in most manufacturing processes today that process is important. We make sure that our suppliers are maintaining the quality standards at par with what our customers expect our Aftermarket Cummins ISX Cylinder heads to be.

Our Cummins aftermarket ISX cylinder heads are different than the average company that’s out there in our market segment manufacturing Aftermarket Cummins ISX Cylinder heads, Due to the stringent quality process that we follow. This gives us a different perspective, from other aftermarket parts dealers or importers in Canada.

Most of these aftermarket Cummins ISX cylinder head dealers in Alberta use the same quality process. What makes our company unique is, our quality process that pays attention right from the start, when a raw block comes in till the final unit of our Cummins ISX Aftermarket cylinder head is delivered. We really to keep evolving and like to redesign our parts. We think it’s has taken some time to differentiate ourselves but we do think we’ve started to appreciate ourselves in terms of quality and the things that we’re doing.

Here, we have instituted an enormous amount of quality procedures and spend an enormous amount of money to make sure that the products including our Cummins ISX aftermarket cylinder head that we’re currently offering are as good as anyone including the OEM.

We believe in methodology,  that the quality of the product which in our case is our ISX cylinder heads doesn’t necessitate a high price and we use the same materials we can verify, that we can verify everything about the product and really we believe that without going through the validation that the OEM went through originally, we can offer the same quality product for a lot less because we don’t have those enormous costs on the front end.

Being a quality-oriented company, we pay great attention to the quality of the casting for manufacturing of Cummins ISX Cylinder head. All our incoming casting is subjected to rigorous inspection and control.

Once the casting is approved, the production is carried out, as per the production plan. The best thing about this entire manufacturing quality control process is that each operation is given a unique serial number and in case of any issue the source of the fault in the manufacturing line can be traced out easily

Control Process

Cummins isx Cylinder head Testing

1) Incoming Casting Inspection

Cummins isx Cylinder head Testing

2) Strict quality control of incoming casting

Quality inspection of Incoming casts for Cummins Isx Cylinder heads

3) Hardness inspection

Quality inspection of Incoming casts for Cummins Isx Cylinder heads

4. Cleaning and pressure test

Air Pressure test of Cummins Isx Cylinder heads

5) Inspection equipment

Inspection of Cummins Isx cylinder heads

6) Packing and quality tracking

Cummins Isx Cylinder head in Packaging