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aftermarket Cummins X15 Head gasket 49555596

$ 800

A Cummins X15 gasket kit includes all the gaskets that seal and cover various parts of your engine, like intake manifold, timing cover, oil pan, cylinder head, exhaust manifold, valves. The engine is the heart of your truck and it is of utmost importance that air, oil, fuel, coolant, and exhaust fumes should not allow leading and additionally, we need to make sure no external contamination seeps inside the engine’s critical components.

That is the Cummins X15 gasket kit the gaskets come into question as X15 gasket act as a sealing component to secure all those critical components. They are securely fitted around and between their respective parts. Material like silicone, cork, paper, rubber, or composite material is used to make these gaskets. These Cummins X15 gaskets withstand temperature, chemicals, and pressure over a period of time. These X15 gaskets are quite crucial and should be checked, maintained, and replaced regularly

A blown Cummins X15 gaskets could act as a minor problem and worst could lead to engine breakdown.

Our Cummins X15 gasket kit set is made from the best material and manufactured as per the OEM specifications.


(1) ISX Upper Engine Gasket Set

(2)  Cummins X15 Oil Manifold O-Ring Seals

(1) Cummins X15 Flange Gasket

(1) Cummins X15 Turbocharger Gasket

(1) Cummins X15 Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation Valve Gasket

(1) Cummins X15 Gasket

(6) Cummins X15 Purple HPI O-Ring Seals

(6) Cummins X15 Yellow HPI O-Ring Seals

(6) Cummins X15 Green HPI O-Ring Seals

(6)Cummins X15  HPI/XPI O-Ring Seals

(1)Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Grommet Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Connection Gasket

(1)Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Camshaft Cover Gasket

(1)Cummins X15 Camshaft Cover Gasket

(1) Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Electronic Control Module

(1) Cummins X15 Thermostat Housing Cover

(4)Cummins X15  Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

(1)Cummins X15  Exhaust Manifold Gasket

(1) Cummins X15 Thermostat Housing Gasket

(6)Cummins X15 Sealing Washers

(2)Cummins X15 Sealing Washers

(2) Cummins X15 O-Ring Seals

(4)Cummins X15 Cavity Plugs

(1)Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1)Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1)Cummins X15 Plain Hose

(1) Cummins X15 Cummins X15 Rectangular Strip Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Fuel Control Housing Gasket

(1)Cummins X15 Camshaft Cover Seal

(1)Cummins X15 Camshaft Cover Seal

(1) Cummins X15 ISX Cylinder Head Gasket

(1)Cummins X15 O-Ring Seal

(1) Cummins X15 Turbocharger Drain Flange Gasket

OEM Applications: