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Cummins ISX 871 Cylinder Head AfterMarket

Aftermarket Cummins Cylinder head for ISX CM871 Engine in Edmonton

Cummins ISX 871 Cylinder Head After Market

Cummins After Market ISX 871 Cylinder Head In Edmonton



Cummins ISX CM871 Cylinder Head

New Cummins Aftermarket ISX Cylinder Head for Cummins ISX CM871 engine Series application

Brand new casting with extra material cast into the areas that require additional protection, as seen in the OE units.

OEM Reference



5413782 & many more

The Cummins ISX 871 engine stands tall as a powerhouse in the world of heavy-duty trucks, and at the heart of its performance lies a critical component—the cylinder head. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads, focusing on the advanced DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) technology and the intriguing aftermarket options available. So, If you are in the market for Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads in Edmonton, you are at the right place.

1. Introduction

The Cummins ISX 871 engine is synonymous with robust performance and reliability in heavy-duty applications. Today, we’ll unravel the mysteries of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads, with a spotlight on the cutting-edge DOHC technology that propels this engine to new heights.

2. Understanding DOHC

Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) technology is not just a technical term; it’s a game-changer in the world of engine efficiency. We’ll delve into the definition and understand the vital role DOHC plays in the Cummins ISX 871 engine, where precision and power go hand in hand.

3. Evolution of Cummins ISX 871 Cylinder Head

Take a historical journey through the development of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads. From their inception to the latest technological advancements specific to the 871 model, we’ll explore how these components have evolved, shaping the reliability and performance of this formidable engine.

4. Aftermarket Cylinder Heads

Unpack the concept of “aftermarket” in the context of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads. We’ll demystify the benefits and considerations associated with opting for aftermarket cylinder heads, specially tailored for the Cummins ISX 871 engine.

5. Key Features of Cummins ISX 871 Cylinder Head

Specifically tailored for the Cummins ISX 871, the cylinder head boasts unique features that emphasize durability and reliability. Learn about the key attributes that set these components apart, ensuring prolonged engine performance for the 871 model.

6. Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Even reliable components face challenges. Identify common problems associated with Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads and gain insights into effective troubleshooting and maintenance tips tailored for this specific model.

7. Why Choose Aftermarket Cylinder Heads?

Explore the cost-effectiveness and customization options offered by aftermarket cylinder heads, designed for Cummins ISX 871 engines. Understand why these alternatives could be the perfect fit for optimizing your engine’s performance.

8. Installation and Replacement

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, understanding the installation and replacement process for Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads is crucial. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide, discussing the pros and cons of professional versus DIY approaches tailored for the 871 model.

9. Performance Upgrades

Unlock the full potential of your Cummins ISX 871 engine with aftermarket performance upgrades specifically designed for this model. Delve into enhancements available in the aftermarket and discover how they can elevate your 871 engine’s performance to new heights.

10. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Real-world experiences matter. Dive into customer reviews and testimonials to gain valuable insights into the performance of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads. Learn from others’ experiences and make informed decisions for your Cummins ISX 871 engine.

11. Compatibility with Cummins ISX 871 Models

Not all cylinder heads are created equal. We’ll explore the variations and considerations when choosing cylinder heads, ensuring compatibility with your specific Cummins ISX 871 model.

12. Comparing OEM vs. Aftermarket Cylinder Heads

Examine the pros and cons of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versus aftermarket cylinder heads tailored for Cummins ISX 871 engines. Make an informed decision on which option aligns best with the specific needs of your 871 model.

13. Expert Recommendations

Industry professionals share their insights into Cummins ISX 871 cylinder heads, emphasizing maintenance and upgrade advice tailored for this model. Gain expert recommendations to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your engine.

14. Future Trends in Cylinder Head Technology

Explore emerging technologies shaping the future of Cummins ISX 871 cylinder head technology. Anticipate advancements and trends that could redefine the landscape of heavy-duty truck engines, especially for the 871 model.

15. Conclusion

In conclusion, the Cummins ISX 871 cylinder head, featuring advanced DOHC technology, is not just a component—it’s the heartbeat of your engine. Understanding the intricacies of DOHC, exploring aftermarket options, and making informed decisions about installation and upgrades are crucial steps in ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your Cummins ISX 871 engine.


  1. Q: Are aftermarket cylinder heads with DOHC technology as durable as OEM for Cummins ISX 871 engines?
    • A: Yes, many aftermarket options, featuring DOHC technology, offer comparable durability to OEM cylinder heads, often at a more affordable price.