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Cummins ISX Cylinder head SOHC

After Market Cummins Isx Cylinder heads

 Cummins ISX Cylinder Head

SOHC After Market




6 months warranty parts only=4900-/-
1-year warranty parts only=5400-/-

Our Premium Cummins ISX Cylinder head SOHC aftermarket can survive the most rigid operating environment Worldwide.

SOHC stands for Single Overhead Cam. This type of valve configuration utilizes only a single camshaft, for operating both intake and exhaust valves.

Looking at the Cummins ISX Cylinder head SOHC configuration. An ISX Cylinder SOHC engine head is packed with,

a)Intake and exhaust valves

b)Rocker arms

c)Rocker arm shafts

And a single camshaft

The camshaft is designed in such a manner that the cam lobes could push the rocker arms at corresponding timings to open the valves. The return springs ensure that the valves liftback afterward, and keeps tension back on the lobes Cummins ISX Cylinder head SOHC Aftermarket design typically allows 2 or 3 valves per cylinder configuration, where usually one valve for intake and one for exhaust or two valves for intake and one for exhaust.

However, current industrial competencies allow the production of four valves-per cylinder configurations using SOHC. Due to the reduced count of parts, the design complexity and manufacturing cost are comparatively low for SOHC cylinder head aftermarket. Since the mass of the valve train is lesser in such a configuration, SOHC engines tend to produce more torque towards low to mid RPM and provide improved fuel efficiency

 Cummins aftermarket ISX Cylinder head is widely used on heavy-duty trucks, Large generator sets, Mining trucks, Construction machinery, and marine applications. The new cylinder heads imported by us are designed to meet the high demands of your truck engine, provide the best performance, and Longest Life. Cummins ISX Cylinder head aftermarket works properly in the extreme head in remote, dusty mines and Across Deserts. ISX Cylinder heads SOHC aftermarket works well when the haul loads are two or more times heavier than elsewhere in the world even when the truck performs an inordinate amount of hours such as 24 hours a Day!!!

How to test whether your truck cylinder head is having an issue and needs to be replaced

Bottle test or Bubble test

How to inspect your cylinder head has cracks. So, you suspect you may have blown a head gasket, is you’re

a) Engine putting out white smoke

b) Is ISX Cylinder head SOHC eating coolant

c)Do you have moisture a grayish material on your oil fill cap on your dipstick tube?

d) Is there rust on your dipstick these are all sides you may have blown a head gasket or crack the ISX cylinder head SOHC?

There are three other places that coolant can be getting into your engine.

Those are your pre-cooler if your engine has a pre-cooler which most twin-turbo engines do have but typically that just puts coolant into your intake and not necessarily pressurizes the cooling system.

The next place does is your air compressor. I can be the culprit since it has high air pressure plus cooling coolant in it. However, you’ll usually start getting a lot of coolant out of your air dryer and the air compressor is not usually the cause

 The third-place other than the aftermarket ISX cylinder head or the head gasket is your liners themselves since they are a part of the combustion housing and there’s coolant around them. They can get small cracks or small pinholes caused by cavitation in them, which can give you these symptoms as well.

 However, usually, it’s an ISX cylinder head or a head gasket which are an issue, to do a bubble test you take the pipe from twin-turbo and put that pipe in a bottle and fill it halfway with water and while it’s running.

In case, you see tons of White Smoke coming out of the exhaust while it’s running and bubble in water that means pressure or air pressures getting in your cooling system.

Now to see in case the air compressor is an issue, remove the hot hose line of it, if the bubbles really stop when you remove the line you know that the air compressor is faulty

The cooling system should not get any bubbles in it, so if you’re getting bubbles, you know that something’s wrong. Depending on how bad the crack is in the Cummins ISX cylinder head SOHC or what is the size of the leakage in the head gasket. However, we need to take into account that we might not get bubbles when it is cold. You need to increase the temperature and make sure it is around 200 degrees when you are performing the test.

Make sure you use the line, where your radiator cap goes on, there’s the pressure line that comes of it. There you’re running that line into your bottle and that’s where you’re going to pull bubbles from. However, make sure to inspect that line that there are no cracks in it or slits. If there are then they’re going to leak and you’re probably not going to see the bubbles in the bottle, they’ll just leak out up top and you won’t see them.

Now remove the pre-cooler, if it is clean and there no coolant in it then get ready to pull the cylinder head.

First, remove the valve cover and in case you see a grayish material in it, it means the ISX cylinder head SOHC has an issue, now after pulling the cylinder head check the head gasket. Actually, there different parts in the head gasket, the little steel ring that seals the combustion chamber is called the fire ring and this is the most critical portion of the head gasket.

 When you inspect the head gasket, you’re looking at the fire ring. You are looking for damage to it, cracks, burned-out marks, if any of those are there, you know that the head gasket failed


               Part No                  4356434

Lenght(mm)                 1050

Width(mm)                   260

Height(mm)                  190

Weight(Kg)                  200