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Cummins ISX Cylinder Head DOHC

After Market Cummins Isx Cylinder heads

 Cummins ISX Cylinder Head DOHC After Market

Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC

$ 4000


The Premium  Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC aftermarket is for the toughest operating environment Worldwide.

Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC or Dual Overhead Cam utilizes two independent camshafts for the operation of the intake and exhaust valves.

ISX Cylinder head DOHC was introduced with improved volumetric efficiency for an internal combustion engine

In this configuration, the Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC is packed with

a)Intake and exhaust valves

b)Cam followers

And two independent camshafts

Cummins Isx Head DOHC uses two separate camshafts per bank of the cylinder head. This allows all the cam lobes to directly operate the valves rather than using rocker arms as in SOHC engines. Here also, the return spring ensures that the valves liftback and keeps the tension on the camshaft lobes

DOHC Cummins Isx Head aftermarket usually implements a four-valve per cylinder configuration. Two valves for intake and two for exhaust. This configuration has a better valve lift resulting in improved airflow through the combustion chamber. With less airflow restriction, the Cummins ISX DOHC engine is even capable of generating, more horsepower out of smaller displacement.

Though this configuration can provide better top-end power, the design complexity and increased components result in more weight and a higher cost of production.

 aftermarket Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC is widely used on heavy-duty trucks, Large generator sets, Mining trucks, Construction machinery, and marine applications. The new Cummins ISX Cylinder head imported by us is designed to meet the high demands of your truck engine, provide the best performance, and Longest Life. Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC works properly in the extreme head in remote, dusty mines and Across Deserts. ISX Cylinder head DOHC works well when the haul loads are two or more times heavier than elsewhere in the world even when the truck performs an inordinate amount of hours such as 24 hours a Day!!!

How to check that Your Cummins ISX Cylinder head DOHC is bad or has problems?

Combustion leak test

There are various ways you can diagnose a head problem with a head gasket. This is just going, to be a quick one, a very short one is easy to do and if this test proves bad then you clearly have a head gasket problem.

 Probably one of the most common is a combustion leak test that’s where you use a test tube. Pour your little blue fluid, put it in the radiator cap, suck some of the combustion gas up, and if it turns that fuel green then you have combustion gases in the coolant and you have a head problem.

Compression check Test

 When you think you’ve got a head problem and this test saves a whole lot of time. Take all four spark plugs out, use your compression gauge, and see incase compression is uneven in any cylinder. In case, yes then do a compression check, take your spark plug out and use a tube, stick it down the spark plug hole and then screw it down.

Put your gauge on top then turn on your engine, you can see the compression.

Get the hose screwed down into the cylinder, take your airline and hook it on and it’s going to put air into that cylinder. Take your radiator cap, hook the air back to that line and look at the radiator. In case you see it run out and you got air there. There are various places a cylinder head can crack but if it cracks in the head gasket area or in the head itself, the coolant passageways. and you put air down the tube that comes out the radiator then basically your Diagnostics are done as far as being a bad head


               Part No                  4101420

Lenght(mm)                 1050

Width(mm)                   200

Height(mm)                  190

Weight(Kg)                  200